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The best audio elevates any story to a fully immersive experience. Silen believes in helping storytellers. Our boutique studio with over a decade of experience will work with you to handcraft a superb audio experience for your players. We believe that each aspect in audio supports the other. As a technology-focused studio, we’re always excited to dive into new audio challenges. 

Let us show you what our team of sound designers and composers can craft for your game by booking a free consultation.

about us

Adam Fligsten - Composer, Founder SIlen Audio

Adam Fligsten



Bahman Nasirifar - is a composer and guitar player from Tehran, Iran. Bahman studied at the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles and also studied sculpture at Tehran's School of Fine Arts.

Bahman Nasirifar

Musical Assistant

Leah Sletzion - Marketing Director

Leah Sletzion

Marketing Director

Kunal Makhey - Studio Manager

Kunal Makhey



Nolan Vernon is a full stack audio programmer with experience with C++/JUCE and many other lanaguages for audio applications.

Nolan Vernon

Audio Developer