frequently asked questions

What Services Do You Offer?

As a full-service game audio company, we have experience in pretty much every part of the audio pipeline. We regularly create music, sound design and other audio assets for interactive media. We also perform implementation services as well as dialogue recording and editing. 


How Much Do You Charge?

We have worked on projects ranging from AAA to micro-indie. We can usually find a way to work within just about any budget. We want to hear more about your project! Contact us for a free consultation.


I already have someone working on my audio, could you still help us?

Yes! We love collaborating with new people. If you only need help with part of your audio, whether it is music composition, or you need a sound designer to find just the right sound, we would be more than happy to help out. 


Do you only work with games?

While we specialize in audio for video games, we also frequently work on other forms of media. From trailers and commercials, to film and TV, we have a deep expertise in many forms of storytelling. 


How soon can you turn around your work?

Contact us now! The sooner we begin working on your project, the sooner we can make something to blow you away. We frequently work with clients on quick-turnaround, rush situations that require quick delivery. 


What software do you work with?

We often work with most of the major video game engines, including Unreal, Unity, Gamemaker, and Godot. We prefer to use middleware including WWise or FMod when implementing audio, but we also frequently use in-game audio workflows, including Unreal's MetaSounds. 


What systems do you provide services for? 

We oftenwork on console, mobile, and computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) titles. We have also provided assets for more advanced formats, including VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) titles.


I have other questions.

We’d love to answer them! Contact us with any other questions or book a free game audio consultation.