about us

Who we are

Silen Audio is a full-service audio house located in Los Angeles. Since our founding, by composer Adam Fligsten, we have worked on a variety of AAA and indie projects across all aspects of professional media including video games, movies, commercials, trailers, TV series, documentaries, and many more. We believe in storytelling and creativity above all else. We are here to help game developers tell their story and prioritize finding the right audio for their game.

What we do

We will work with you to capture the excitement of your project. We design sounds, compose music for your story and implement them into your game. We have worked with all major game engines including Unreal, Unity, Gamemaker, and Godot as well as middleware such as WWise and FMod.

Adam Fligsten - Composer, Founder SIlen Audio

Adam Fligsten


Adam is a composer/sound designer by trade, as well as frequent audio programmer. He is passionate about synthesizers and orchestral music. He has taught music composition and music technology. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and pet hamster. 

Bahman Nasirifar - is a composer and guitar player from Tehran, Iran. Bahman studied at the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles and also studied sculpture at Tehran's School of Fine Arts.

Bahman Nasirifar

Musical Assistant

Bahman is a composer and expert guitar player from Tehran, Iran. Bahman graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Scoring for Visual Media at the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, Tehran's School of Fine Arts, and holds a master's guitar certificate from Berklee College.

Leah Sletzion - Marketing Director

Leah Sletzion

Marketing Director

Leah’s a passionate music marketing professional, music business student, singer-songwriter, producer and animal lover. She's an Eritrean-American with a curiosity for people, art and technology - in the ways it can connect and empower authentic musicians and creative minds.

Kunal Makhey - Studio Manager

Kunal Makhey

Studio Manager

Kunal is a composer/conductor/orchestrator with a passion for careful melodic orchestral music. He has a bachelor's in music composition and is working to become a Juris Doctor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Nolan Vernon is a full stack audio programmer with experience with C++/JUCE and many other lanaguages for audio applications.

Nolan Vernon

Audio Developer

Nolan is a full stack audio programmer with experience with C++/JUCE and many other languages for audio applications.