Composer Adam Fligsten Creates Super Metroid Album Live on Twitch Using Only Free Software

Arguably one of gaming’s most loved soundtracks, Super Metroid has long been recognized by gamers. Taking on the task of making an album inspired but such a nostalgic piece of gaming audio is no small feat. Adam Fligsten took the task one step further and composed his Metroid-inspired album Ceres Station entirely on free software and streamed the entire process on Twitch.

As a veteran composer, Fligsten has worked on memorable projects. When approaching making a Metroid album Fligsten focused on keeping the feeling of Super Metroid intact while also adding his own spin on the nostalgic tunes. The result is a low-if hip hop Metroid-inspired album that invites fans of the franchise to sit back and enjoy spacey ambiance with a hint of nostalgia.

While creating Ceres Station, Fligsten walked viewers through the creative process. Over the course of three months, Fligsten brought to life Ceres Station on a series of Twitch streams which totaled about 80 hours. From showing how each element can change the feel of a track or album to creating on free software, Fligsten invited viewers to an inside look into music creation.

Ceres Station is available now on major digital music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Bandcamp, and more.

You can see more of Fligsten’s creative process in the making of video below.

To watch more of Adam Fligsten creating visit his page on Twitch or see past sessions on YouTube.