Infinite Flow captures the beautiful imperfections of classic analog poly synthesizers. 

Silen Audio is proud to announce Infinite Flow, a one of its kind software synthesizer with a modern re-awakening of classic sounds for today’s musicians.  

Infinite Flow is a new synth inspired by the imperfections of classic poly-synthesizers, but with modern tricks up its sleeve. It will be released later this year (2022) in VST/AU format as well as standalone for Windows and OSX. 

Silen released a teaser trailer today, which was entirely created with the unique sounds of Infinite Flow.

Infinite Flow is the first of many cutting edge audio tools that Silen is developing. These tools will help artists, producers, and composers of the future create the next generation of unique, mind-bending audio in all styles of music. 

Every functional and aesthetic element of Infinite Flow – right down to the color palette, amount of knobs/sliders and number of clicks – is being perfected for an intuitive synth experience. Users will be able to personalize and reorder the ADSR and effects – reverb, delay, filter, chorus, and saturation – within a colorful, minimal UI design. The voicing panel offers mono, poly, legato, glide and voice numbers to create a variety of beautiful, dynamic harmonies and melodies to spruce up your beats.

“I have never used a synth like this. I’m able to capture a unique analog feeling that I’ve been looking for my entire life.” – Adam Fligsten 

Silen Audio is a young and emerging creative game audio company based in LA diving into different areas of music and technology. Veteran composer, Adam Fligsten, launched the startup in the summer of 2021 and the team already made some great audio for indie games Morbid Metal and Strings Theory 

The team has been working hard in the past year making further improvements. They’re excited for Infinite Flow’s release to start firing up and encouraging creative playfulness in musicians.

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