As the year comes to a close, we’d like to share our reflections about Silen Audio’s startup journey in 2022 – hoping to encourage and relate with others in their creative paths.

We have worked on many projects this year, announced and unannounced. Early in the year, we were lucky to provide sound design to Morbid Metal: a fantastic indie action game by solo developer Felix Schade. We worked with him to create early sound design during the prototype phase including various explosive, electronic, and light-based sounds in the demo. 

We wrote many songs for the fun and quirky Strings Theory (currently available on Steam) as our first official shipped game with the Silen banner. We provided custom, layered music and sound design with different hardware and software synth models to help sonically bring the mind bending puzzle game to life.

Our Infinite Flow development team has been working really hard this year to execute a beautiful classic-modern software synthesizer, which is almost ready for beta testing. A challenge has been getting this done in a timely manner without compromising the quality and vision of the product. We’re proud of the sounds and design progress so far and we can’t wait to have musicians and synth players try it out on all kinds of creative projects.

We produced over 100 songs (whew!) written and produced in a variety of modern styles for an upcoming music library project. We’re using cutting edge music technology to create albums for use in different projects and entertainment mediums with leaders in the music technology and licensing space. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with our composer friends and dealing with the diverse, ever-evolving aspects of this project so far. More news will be coming soon!

The game events we’ve attended have all been great opportunities to finally connect with other creatives in person again.

GDC 2022 showcased a lot of amazing independent games in the works from all over the world. We had a lot of fun playing and trying them out. We plan on going to the next one in 2023 and we can’t wait to meet you there!

In June, Adam spoke at NAMM  with “Expanding Your Sound and Music Tool Belt for Games and Interactive Music”.

Adam also spoke in October for GameSoundCon: “Imagining a More Generative Musical Future”.

“I had a great time at GameSoundCon this week. It was great seeing friends new and old. I enjoyed the responses to my talk, even the criticism. I just want people to hold onto a simple idea: Just because it is this way right now, doesn’t mean it has to be.”

Silen Audio is constantly working to build the tools to drive these cutting-edge and emerging, creative possibilities in the game audio space.

We’re grateful to see our Silen Audio Signal newsletter growing where we’ll continue sharing news with our fellow music and gaming lovers.

We’re continuously highlighting helpful blog posts like “How Do I Work With A Composer For My Game” and detailed audio tutorials created by Silen’s founder and veteran composer, Adam Fligsten.

As well as our Silen Audio Developer Interview Series, helping to spread information of existing and upcoming indie games that we really enjoy. We kicked off with Kainga: Seeds of Civilization by solo developer, Erik Rempen, during its early access. Next we asked Max Wrighten of the Half Past Yellow team about Time on Frog Island right after its release. We’re ending the year with Soul Passage where founder, Ozbay Emrah, shares his inspiring story for the incoming exploration game.

It has been a fun venture so far and we notice the appreciation. So, we can’t wait to continue this series!

Silen has kept a fully remote team all year and furthered our goal of creating a healthy, thriving, and creative workplace. We’re driven by a future of breaching connectivity boundaries to continue building a quality music company.

Solving challenges while learning, and building meaningful relationships at Silen Audio has been very stimulating during the ups and downs of a creative entrepreneurial adventure. We have been learning and thriving in the new “work from home” paradigm of 2022. 

“The only thing constant is change”  


We’ve been improving on managing and balancing our activities to help gauge where and when to prioritize work, making mistakes and adjusting where needed. Resting with work to optimize productivity while avoiding burnout has been an important part of Silen Audio’s culture.

We’re proud and grateful for everyone who’s dedicated their time and passion to build with us and can’t wait to go forward in 2023!