Early Reviews of Infinite Flow Show It’s Range: “Super Immersive, Emotional”

While Infinite Flow has been showing up all over the music press, few reviewers clicked into the synth’s intention and depth like Markus Junnikkala

During his nearly 2 hour live stream, Markus showed the emotional range and immediately picked up on an important aspect of the synth design:

“Rather than a bit for bit recreation of a classic synth…this seems like a ‘feel’ approach for an instrument. Which I personally love”.

On the Sound:

He praised the presets and overall tone. Noting that many synths try for flashy, attention grabbing presets, which don’t necessarily translate to a full mix 

“Often times the best sounds that convert to most listening environments sort of come off understated. They are subtle and controlled, but let through the emotion. A lot of synths give very bright and harsh sounds, this is definitely coming across very soft, and that’s really hard to do.”


They definitely know what they are doing on the production and mixing front here because it’s so precisely defined and controlled, very pleasant and that’s gonna convert nicely in the mix”

Noting the range of sounds Infinite Flow is capable of pulling off, he particularly praised the pads:

“So soft and so precisely put together, that just nails these kind of darker synth sounds”

As well as

A lot of massive, big, juicy basses.

On the UI:

“Right out of the gate, just opening this out it looks stunning, I love the way it looks. Everything about it is a 10/10 for me. All the colors, the shades, the layout and typography – everything here is super nicely done and it’s nice that it scales on my bigger screen”

“I like this interface so much that I want to get my hands in there and tweak things even when you have those brilliant presets.

I love that i don’t have to read a manual to understand any of this, which is fantastic, great design.

On the Presets:

“There are a lot of great instruments out there, but there are fewer great sound designers out there and they clearly know what they’re doing with this stuff and it often is a very big selling point of a library.”

On the Final Product:

You’re purchasing their production sense, their mixing abilities, their vision in that sound design department. You’re not just paying for their stellar library or instrument, you’re also paying for their knowledge and wisdom in that compartment.

This seems like a toy box for me like I want to get in there and use it, it’s so well designed and put together.

“Super happy to have this in the arsenal now and to utilize this in the future. Just through and through very enjoyable and pleasant experience. It’s one of those tools that you look at and I’m excited to use. I like this interface so much that I want to get my hands in there and tweak things even when you have those brilliant presets.