Memphis Phonk: New Album from Silen Audio

Hello! It’s Adam Fligsten, founder and lead composer of Silen Audio here to tell you about our recent project with Universal Production Music and Emperia Music Group: Memphis Phonk

Silen Audio has always been a modern audio house, focused on new and emerging genres, as well as traditional musical sounds.

Phonk is a somewhat recent is a genre that has become a bit of a meme in online circles. It is often used for workout videos or other “cool”, tough seeming videos. Sometimes used earnestly, sometimes ironically.

Personally, I love a lot of Phonk music. It is a clear homage to a early 90’s Memphis hip hop. This is a sound that has revolutionized music worldwide.

The 808’s are big, the cowbells are present, the vocals are loud. Everything just hits. 

We worked with the excellent songwriter and vocalist Zo Duncan. Zo made a bank of verses/choruses that I later cut up and reworked to fit the style of music.

I had a tremendous amount of fun writing these songs, as well as I believe I found a lot of deep creativity in the process. We hope that other people agree and can hear the love and passion that went into this banger of an album.