Composer Interview

Hisako Ozawa

Hisako Ozawa is a renowned composer and guitarist from Tokyo, based in Los Angeles. Hisako's exceptional guitar skills and musical compositions have earned her international recognition, making her a sought-after professional in the music industry.

Hisako Ozawa

S: What were some of the earliest musical influences that you can remember

growing up? What instrument did you grow up playing?

H: My earliest musical influences were the records my parents were playing in the house. We listened to a variety of music like classical, Japanese folk songs, and my favorite was old movie soundtracks. Later when I grew up I started playing electric guitar.

S: What led you into making music for media?

H: I realized how important music is to storytelling and how it has the power to create unique atmospheres. I love music and I thought it would be great to create music which can make people enjoy the story more.

S: How would you describe your style of writing?

H: It’s really hard to describe my style of writing. What I can say is I always try my best to fit the project.

Mu-T8: Modular Warfare Forward propelling electronic music to get you focused and back in the game. Ambient elements with hard hitting percussion and synthesizers. Explosive energy with every song.

“Syncing Desires”
Focused, tranquil electronic music and motivating drums drawing you deeper into the zone.


“Lucky Star”
Take a leap for this hopeful and emotional journey. Harp, woodwinds, and strings combine for a wild journey.


Fun and friendly 8-bit electronic music that energizes you for any adventure. Modern synths and percussion with a light, futuristic and upbeat mood.

S: What was your intention behind your tracks?

H: I tried to create the right atmosphere for each subject. I also tried to make the melody simple and catchy.

S: How did you start creating them and eventually achieve your vision?

H: I focused on finding the right melody first. Once I found the right one, I expanded it for several different levels of tension.

S: What were some of the compositional challenges that you faced?

H: Creating the right melody is always the most challenging thing I face when I write music.

S: What was your favorite part of the process?

H: Writing variations of the same melody to fit different levels of intensity was definitely the most interesting part for me.

S: Outside of music, where do you find inspiration in your life?

H: Traveling gives me inspiration. Seeing and feeling different cultures is always interesting and helps my creativity.

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