How do I Find a Composer For My Game?

Is there a difference between a composer for video games and someone who simply makes music?

Well, yes and no. Fundamentally, a composer for video games just makes music. Still, they usually have a very specialized set of knowledge and tools that better helps them understand the challenges of writing music for video games. Many people understand how to write great music, but not as many people know how to adapt it and make it work in a video game context. 

The good news is that there is no shortage of excellent and creative composers who craft amazing music for video games every single day! Countless schools teach how to write music for media, including TV, movies, trailers, and video games. 

Some composers specialize in VR audio, mobile audio, and technical complex musical systems, but others are less tech-savvy and still write incredible music. 

While there are a TON of musicians out there, you should keep in mind that writing music for a video game or other media is a very specialized 

Finding a Referral for a Composer For My Video Game

Asking people you know is always a great place to start meeting some composers.

Do you know other people who are making games?

How did they find a composer for their game?

Maybe they can recommend you someone great? 

Where Do Composers Gather on Social Media?

For whatever reason, Twitter seems to have become one of the primary ways for composers to interact, but there are also many composers on Instagram, TikTok and more. 

You can search hashtags such as:





Are There Portfolio Sites For Composers Who Work on Video Games?

There are various sites where people list their skills and portfolios. Maybe there should be more, but here are a few. 

Sound Lister

Indie Game Music

What if I Want My Game to Sound Like Another Game?

Pay attention to the games that you are playing. Even the smallest of indie games can often have fantastic music, from incredibly talented composers. 

Sometimes you have to do a little detective work to figure out who wrote what, but often you can find it listed on either the game credits or the soundtrack. 

Games like Journey, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Doom (2016), Celeste, and Undertale are all games with amazing scores that took on a life of their own beyond the game.

Playlists on Spotify or Youtube

In addition to game soundtracks for games you love, great playlists can help you discover new music. 

Conclusion: Make Your Decision Carefully About Who Will Make the Perfect Music for Your Game

Regardless of how you found your composer, you should probably make your decision carefully. Listen to their previous work. Some games have composers write samples for their game using artwork or demo-level examples. Working with a composer can be a rewarding experience and can often make the difference for your game standing out in the huge world of great games. 

If you have any questions about this process, we would love to guide you through it! Send us a message